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By katiemckenzie99, Mar 5 2016 05:31PM

Hi lovelies,

I have just realised I havent wrote a new blog post in over 2 months! Sorry life has just been so busy I just havn't found the time to sit and write one lol X

I wanted to use todays blog to get across a little about the me and how the webcam and Twitter lifestyle came about and also squirting. Theres some more detail on my interview HERE but this is a little overview of how it all began......

My first time on cam was absolutely petrifying! I mean it!! I was so nervous lol but after a few times and not thinking about the amount of people watching you, the naughty teasing side of me came out and it became a bit more relaxed.

I soon realised after camming for a few times most of the girls also had Twitter accounts, not like the Twitter account I was used too where I lurked, yes I’ll admit it, I was a serial lurker! But one where you have naughty fun with everyone and that’s how twitter came about. Never in this world did I realise or think that over 12 months on id be looking at nearly 30K followers and to have made so many special friends on there.

Now for squirting, the question of" how do you do it?" and "What does it feel like?" Well here’s how I discovered I could do it and it was purely by accident. I have always had a very high sex drive, by high I mean very high lol. I would regularly dash back from uni after a brain frying day for a horny play session because I was frustrated. Well it was on one of these sessions that I just let go, and I mean totally let go as I was about to orgasm and felt my muscles pushing inside me, so instead of fighting it like I used to do, I just let go in total relaxtion and I squirted, a lot!. It was amazing and still feels amazing today! Anyone that has watched one of my cam shows or brought one of my videos will know exactly how intense and enjoyable it is for me.

I hope that’s given you all some idea of how it all began and may have answered some of your questions.

I wanted to finish off talking about #fansignfriday as just in case some of you don’t know it’s a new thing I do every Friday on my twitter feed. I tweet a qualifying tweet every Friday morning and pin it to my profile for the day. All you have to do is retweet it for a chance of winning a fan sign from me. You also get a choice of fan sign, legs, boobs or cleavage (for header pics etc.) I guess you are wondering why I go to the trouble of this? Well it’s my way of giving something back to you all, you’re all great and a whole lot of fun so it’s my way of giving something back. I make sure it’s fair as I enter all your names into an online piece of software which picks a winner and I tweet the draw about 6pm on a Friday evening. So make sure you look out for next Fridays tweet for a chance to win.

Hope you've enjoyed this week’s blog and im going to leave you a pic of how I dress normally when im out, to give you an idea of how much I tease, tights, mini dress and heels of course hehe x

Big Kisses - Katie xxx

By katiemckenzie99, Jan 2 2016 02:53PM

Hello my lovelies,

First things first a very happy new year to you all! Where on earth has the last 12 months gone! My first tweet on twitter was on the 3rd January 2015 and the year has just flown. You know what they say about time flying when you’re having fun x

So what happened in December......It’s always a super exciting month for me as I get the double whammy of Christmas and my birthday within a few days. This year was even better though as I got so many Christmas and birthday wishes and presents from you all I was quite literally overwhelmed. Your all superstars you really are x

Some of you will have also read on my Twitter feed that I’ve now took the plunge and got myself a personal trainer. Why? Well I thought it was about time I got some motivation to go to the gym a bit more than I do at the moment. It’s also a perfect opportunity for me to tease (hehehe) so keep your eyes peeled for cheeky pics of what I wear to the classes! Knickers are optional with leggings aren’t they? ;)

I’ve also had some super fun with the girls and had a fab afternoon out with them yesterday which was nice. Even if they did tell me off and keep calling me "Nips McKenzie" for wearing no bra, which meant you could see my nipples a tiny bit lol x I just told them it’s all part of the tease. Don’t worry I took you all a photo so you can see they weren’t on show that much (honest) hehe x It was actually quite funny and I think I should do it more often. As any girl will tell you sometimes its nice go free ;)

Big Kisses and here’s to another naughty fun packed 2016! ♥

Katie xxx

By katiemckenzie99, Dec 4 2015 05:32PM

Hi Peeps,

Thought it was about time I did another blog update as I have to admit I’ve been leaving it a little too long between them as I’ve been a busy girlie!

Anyway I have to first tell you about how surprised I am at myself for completing all of my Christmas shopping already lol x Im normally really disorganised and very last minute, I’ve been known to have to dash out on Christmas Eve to get stuff in previous years. So this year is going to be different, the only trouble is I’ve got to wrap it all up now. Anyone any good at wrapping??? Be ideal if I could palm this task off on someone to do for me hehe ;)

Another thing I must share with you all on this update is my recent experience with leggings. Yes leggings! Now don’t get me wrong im a big fan of leggings and there ideal this time of year as they keep me warm but also mean I can tease too, especially if there a little see through with a nice thong x Well what happened was....... I went to go and ride my horse and thought I’d be ok wearing my leggings I already had on. So anyway off I go out on my horse on a nice little hack until I decide to stop for a break and sit down, I looked and my leggings were completely see through!!!! Not just a teeny bit see through, close to transparency of tights! (Check out the pic) So funny and made me giggle as while I was on my way back to the stables all the cars were slowing down more than usual, no doubt as you could probably see my bare bum bobbing up and down lol x

Last but most certainly not least I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the interaction I have with you all on Twitter. Sometimes it really is impossible to reply to you all personally as there’s too many, but I promise I do read every tweet reply you send me and love the fun we have x

Big kisses & have a fab weekend!

Katie xxx

PS. I get asked this loads and loads, so please dont forget to LOOK HERE if you want to know more about my naughty videos and underwear . Theres a handy contact form on that page too if you want to get in touch ;)

By katiemckenzie99, Nov 21 2015 09:59PM

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a blog update so I thought it was about time I told you all what I’d been up to.

As always I’ve been working loads! Working shifts can be tricky sometimes but if im honest it really suits my lifestyle and I enjoy my career :) Sadly though I’ve dropped for the New Year evening (booo!!) but hopefully I’ll still be able to check in with you all on Twitter. When im working it is really tricky to try and reply to you all however rest assured I do read everything what you put x

I’ve been seeing the girls lots too, as you all know we love a good gossip over lunchtime coffee at Costa, and probably the highlight of the month was the drunken night at mine where you all ended up seeing me and my best friend teasing you all after we'd had a few bottles of wine hehe x

It was a great laugh and we really enjoyed the fun with you all! To cut a long story short as im guessing you all want to know who she is, she is my best friend so knows all about Twitter and my camming and in all honesty we wanted to see what your reaction would be to us both teasing you for a naughty giggle. She doesn't do the whole Twitter thing im afraid and was getting a bit confused with all the retweeting and likes etc. lol but we both really enjoyed teasing you all and she wanted me to thank you for the nice comments x

Christmas is only round the corner, 5 weeks! (Eek!) So I am desperately trying to find presents at the minute for my friends and family. Im going to be super lazy I think and buy it all online as if I end up going to town shopping ill start buying stuff for myself instead lol x I just can’t help it!

Finally, while we’re on the subject of Christmas, a few of you have asked what you need to do if you want to get me a little something for Christmas, well my wish list link is in my bio or you can view it here.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/18N0U8K918WTW . You will also get a little present in return ;) x

Right, back to the TV and the warm lounge as its freezing! Thanks for popping by to read my blog peeps

Huge kisses - Katie xxxx

Ps. Ill leave you with a picture from the evening

Welcome to my Blog. Im not sure how often I will post on here yet so keep your eyes peeled for updates x


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