Frequently Asked Questions

Do I do meets?

Its not something I do at the moment im afraid, as im happy doing my naughty videos and Twitter, but as with anything, never say never!


How do I get to see how naughty you really are Katie?

Easy, head on over to my undies & vids page and drop me a note using the contact form. Ill reply to you personally with what im able to offer.


Can I buy your underwear?

Yeah of course, use the form here and ill drop you a personal reply


Do I squirt?

Oh Yeah!!! You only need to watch one of my XXX videos to see that. Be warned though it does get a bit wet and wild hehe x


Favourite sex position?

Doggy style closely followed by cowgirl deep grinding while I squeeze onto you.


Am I shaved?

Yes my pussy is fully shaved . Theres no grass on my pitch boys ;)


Why am I single?

I enjoy my life as it is and my career takes up so much of my time at the moment. A relationship would just complicate this for me which im sure you understand.


Do I like big dicks?

Do I really need to answer this? lol x But hey, seriously Its more important the person its attached too knows how to use it rather than size.


Do I like girls?

Occasionally ;)


Whats the most guys you've ever taken on?

I need to be careful answering this one lol!! Five is the most during a gangbang. Was it horny? Yes very and I loved every minute hehe x



This page is intended to try and answer some of my most frequently asked questions that I get asked on my webcam and Twitter


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